Located on Route 12 between Hinton and Alderson.

Open on Sundays from
April to October.

 Shopping begins as early as
8 a.m. and stays open until late
in the evening.

Concessions are available!

Phone 304.872.7904
Fax     304.872.7907



Pence Springs Flea Market is located on a beautiful West Virginia country road between Hinton and Alderson in Pence Springs. Owned and operated by Shawn and Susan James since 2005, this historically unique market boasts a Spring House built in the 1800s on the property. The building was used to bottle water from the Springs that still today bubbles from the ground at the end of the building. When walking past the old building, you just might notice the faint aroma of sulfur from the water. Have a drink -- if you dare! 

Pence Springs is an open-air flea market vendor stalls carry a wide variety of treasures for you to find -- including but not limited to Avon, books, antiques, food, clothing, purses, and locally grown produce. The list goes on and changes all the time.

One thing is for certain, you never know what you will find at Pence Springs Flea Market!

Shopping begins as early as 8:00am and the market stays open until the last item is sold! So put on your walking shoes and come on down!  For a total shopping experience, we have concessions with a variety of food items available.

Load your family and friends in the car and head out for a day at Pence Springs Flea Market. You will be glad you did!